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Next to the Chinatown Gate entrance in San Francisco

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I've been going to City Optometry for over 10 years and they provide excellent service, which is one of the reasons I keep on coming back. From the moment I step into the front door and approach the front desk, they have my chart already pulled and ready for me to review and make any updates and sign. They do a thorough set of exams even before I see Dr Morioka. The only downside (if it is a downside) is that the exams are done in multiple rooms so after one set of exams they take me another room to do another set of exams. Once the pre-exams are done, I see Dr Morioka who is nice and professional. She answers my questions regarding Lasik and provides both the benefits and tradeoffs for doing the procedure. She is someone who can provide me the information I need to make an informed decision. I highly recommend City Optometry if you considering an eye doctor in the city. The office is located on Bush Street, just up the block from the Grant Street entrance to Chinatown and is conveniently located.

- Anonymous. San Francisco, CA