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I have been visiting City Optometry and Dr Penza for years and am FINALLY getting to reviewing them. I have always had great service but recently went in for my eye exam and Dr Penza noticed I looked a little off, not a big stretch, Not to get into too many details he found that I had Vertical Heteraphoria which has all sorts of side effects from headaches to anxiety in crowds. It was most likely caused by head injury when I was young and it causes one our both eyes, both in my case, to be out of alingement. After an exhaustive evaluation I got my new prescription and then my new glasses. The results were life changing. Many eye doctors are not trained on this but Dr. P went the extra mile and received training in this and I am greatful. As an update the supercool carbon fiber frames I bought started to fray on my vacation in mexico and when I went back in they swapped them out...NO Hassle

- Gary S. San Carlos, CA