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Katherine Morioka, O.D.


"I chose optometry because it was the perfect blend between helping people, being in a health profession and creativity. It is fun for me to talk to all my patients and get to know them as a whole rather than just understand their eyes. I also love giving everyone their own style when they get glasses and making them see as well as they can with contacts or glasses.

My two goals whenever I see a patient are to give them the highest-quality eye exam and to make sure I make a connection withthem by learning all about them. I need to know the 'total package' before deciding what to prescribe.

I'm fortunate to have patients who return year after year. I treat each patient as if they are family, and I want them to have the best care. I'd say I chose optometry as a career, but I think it more true to say that it chose me."

BS: University of California at Berkeley
Member: Caifornia Optometric Laser Associates, Inc., 1999 to present