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Learn About Your Child’s Eyesight

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Children Dealing with BVD

Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD) occurs in both children & adult, but what a child experiences in their vision can go untreated and lead to learning problems. The problem of BVD is when an image is viewed by one eye differently than the other eye, causing a misalignment. This forces the brain to correct the alignment over and over, which leads to eye muscle strain, headaches, blurriness, and lack of focus.

A child with BVD has difficulty concentrating, especially when trying to read. Since BVD isn’t often addressed or checked first, children may be taken to local physicians or other professionals to help their child’s education, when, in reality, an eye exam with an eye doctor would have been the ideal solution. Our doctors, Drs. Penza & Morioka, are experts at addressing BVD and vision therapy, where they can easily identify & direct you and your child to visual success.

Eye Charts Aren’t Eye Doctors.

Although eye-charts are the standard to screen out vision problems, these tests generally check for signs of nearsightedness or farsightedness. Although often the test includes covering each eye separately to read the chart, the nurse or tester may not identify BVD or address the issue correctly. Many children with ADD / ADHD are diagnosed with BVD, so catching any misalignment early on can help your child greatly at school.