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The Most Iconic Eyewear

Designer Frames Through the Ages

When was the last time you saw Bono without his signature rimless sunglasses? Probably never, right? How about Karl Lagerfeld and his jet black sunnies? Frankly, I’m not convinced the man’s eyes even exist. Some celebrities take their eyewear very seriously; so seriously that it would shock no one if they had paid a very skilled plastic surgeon to fuse them to their actual face.

Celebrity Eyewear

Of course, Bono and K. Lagerfeld aren’t the only famous people whose accessories have become an extension of their persona. Judging by our Pop Chart Lab’s most recent graphic which is featured in our beautiful optical boutique, The Chart of Famous Eyewear, there are at least 71 other celebrities whose glasses could be considered iconic. Some are more classic than others—think Jackie O’s bug eye shades or Buddy Holly’s proto-hipster, thick-rimmed glasses. But a decent swath of Pop Chart’s visualization celebrates the regrettable lapses in eyewear judgement (i.e. Stunna shades. Why Kanye, why?).

You probably won’t have to squint to make out top-tier specs like Holly Golightly and Steve McQueen, but it gets a little tougher to see Benjamin Franklin’s wire-frames or Lisa Loeb’s librarian tortoise shells. As it should be, each illustration is painstakingly detailed—after all, who would Bootsy Collins be with those stars in his eyes? But Pop Chart claims crafting intricate frames like Randy “Macho Man” Savage’s wasn’t even the hardest part of making the chart. It was hands down, “choosing which glasses to feature for Elton John,” they said. ”Have you ever seen his eyeglass closet?” If not, you should click on the link! Note that eyewear is not only designed and used now a days for function, it can also show you, your personality, and sense of who you are. If your glasses aren’t becoming to you, you should be coming to us!

At City Optometry in San Francisco our staff can help you find the perfect pair of designer sunglasses. Whether you aim for the Jackie O look or want something more subtle, you are sure to find something in our collection.