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Polarized Eye Wear – Glasses to Beat the Sun

Polarized Eye Wear - Glasses to Beat the Sun

Do you ever wonder about those $10 sunglasses whether they are blocking the sun's UV rays? Or, are they simply giving you a slightly better view while driving. Well, there is something that secures long term eye health, plus the design and comfort - polarized eyewear.

Polarized lenses have been around for awhile, many years in fact, and between boaters and fishermen as an accessory of choice. Polarized lenses reduce glare from water and bright lights, which you will certainly find along one of California's many beaches. Plus, whether you go rock climbing, biking, golfing, or even jogging, polarized lenses reduce the glare almost completely to ensure your eyes optimal health.

In explaining how Polarized lenses work, Dr. Penza at City Optometry  states that whenever light reflects off of metallic surfaces like car hoods, the light reflects horizontally, which is abnormal for vision. Plus, since Californian sun is often intense and very bright, that moment of blinding light poses a serious danger to your eyes. Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks this intense horizontal light, significantly reducing glare.

Although polarized lenses block the sunlight to prolong your eye and vision health, over the years, tests and trials actually show that any extended exposure to intense light, even glare from snow or water, can significantly increase a risk of developing serious eye conditions later on in life, such as macular degeneration or cataracts. There's even a painful “sunburn of the eye,” called photokeratitis.

Polarized eyewear, not surprisingly, has been used by athletes across many sports, and now one could order polarized bifocals or progressives for those with presbyopia who are looking to protect their eyes. Also, photochromic lenses assist those with light sensitivity by providing a darker tint on our lens automatically when you enter a sunny area.

Polarized sunglasses are the right choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the active life only afforded by the beautiful outdoors, whether you're a person who likes to spend your time water-skiing or boating, in-line skating or mountain biking, driving or jogging.

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