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Eye Allergies in San Francisco



This year, in San Francisco, we have had an unseasonably warm winter, but for some, this extended spring time has been rather unwelcome. Allergies from outdoor triggers like hay fever from pollen and blossoms can make warm weather a misery. Your nose runs, it’s harder to breathe, and your eyes are itchy. At City-Optometry, we feel for you, and we are here to help you take care of your eye allergies.

Ocular allergies are the eye’s reaction to an allergen, which is usually airborne. Obviously, reducing your exposure to the offending substance is the best way to get rid of allergies, but sometimes that approach is just unreasonable. Allergic eyes may be caused by pollen, dust, pet dander, or mold. The red, watery, itchy discomfort associated with eye allergies can be alleviated with allergy treatments.

Anti-histamines can help, but this allergy relief may come at the expense of your body’s natural moisturizers, leaving your eyes uncomfortably dry. People with allergies are more prone to getting dry eyes. Placing cool compresses or a damp tea towel on your eyes can help alleviate allergic itch. Cool cucumber circles placed over the eye area can reduce swelling and give you a taste of that spa experience right in your home. Wearing sunglasses outdoors, especially wraparound sunglasses, offers an additional measure of protection from outdoor allergens. However, for more severe cases, over the counter eye drops or even prescription medication may be necessary to alleviate eye allergies.

Talk to your City Optometry eye doctor about treating eye allergies in San Francisco.