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Designer Eyewear: Picking the right eyeglass frames

Designer eyewear is now a staple in the fashion industry. No longer are eyeglasses just
an optometric tool to improve vision. Eyewear is an accessory - a fashion statement - and
it is common to see the more fashion conscious among us purchasing multiple frames to
match their wardrobe.

Selecting designer eyeglasses or designer sunglasses involves more than just picking
the pair you like. The difference between fashion forward and fashion flop is a matter of
finding the right eyeglass frames to suit your facial structure and coloring.

When selecting glasses frames, take into consideration the following features:

Eyeglass Frames and Face Shape: Frames should be complimentary to your face shape
– meaning they should present a balance or contrast as opposed to mimicking the shape
of your face.

Square shape:
If you have a square-shaped face, cat-eyes, oval, butterfly-shaped or round
eyeglasses will soften angles and add length, while geometric and square shapes
will accentuate wide angles.

Round shape:
Here you would seek out angular, rectangular and narrow eyeglass frames to
sharpen facial features and create a thinner, longer appearance. Frames that are
too small or round will exaggerate curves.

Oval shape:
People with oval facial structure are lucky because they can wear almost any
frame shape from geometric to rectangular to oval to cat-eyes. Frames that add
angles can be interesting but watch out for frames that are too large.

Heart shape:
You are looking for frames that create a longer and thinner appearance so try
rectangular frames or angular, geometric frames that sharpen features. Stay away
from small and short frames.

Diamond/Triangular shape:
Look for frames that emphasize the top part of the face and strong cheek bones
like cat eye, oval, rimless or semi-rimless styles. Beware of narrow frames that
will accentuate a narrow eye line.

Eyeglass Frames for Your Color:

The color of your designer frames should also complement your natural skin, hair and
eye tones. Skin tones come in two spectrums; blue–based (cool) or yellow-based (warm).
You should choose a color that falls within your color base.

Cool complexions include blue, olive or pink undertones and look great with blacks,
silvers, dark tortoise, jade, blue, magenta, plum and pinks.

Warm complexions are yellow or peach colored and match similar colors such as gold,
copper, orange, off-white, camel, blond tortoise, bright red or warm blue.

If you have bright blue or green eyes, accentuate them by wearing eyeglass frames of a
similar color.

Eyeglass Frames and Your Wardrobe:

When selecting your eyeglass frames, it is important to take your wardrobe into consideration. If you tend to wear a lot of solids, adding a splash of pattern will bring out a fun side of your personality. If neutral colors dominate your closet, shoot for a splash of color in your frames. For those who dress in a variety of colors, a more basic frame such as black, tortoise, metal or brown will go with anything.

Just remember, when it comes to designer eyeglass frames, it is always best to try a
pair on to see how they look and feel. Our optical staff is happy to offer advice and
suggestions on choosing the best pair or pairs for you.